The World Property Journal, a digital real estate newspaper, included Boot Ranch in its recent article titled “Tops in Texas: Leading Golf Resort Communities Revealed.”

“While much of America struggled during the last financial crisis, Texas grew in greater economic stature on a number of levels,” says journalist Scott Kauffman. “Fueled by a thriving energy economy, strong tech sector and job market, one strong growth area was real estate development.”

Kauffman writes, “Boot Ranch is now able to focus on a revitalized real estate market and the renewed life is paying off for this private golf and family community near the popular town of Fredericksburg. Case in point, Boot Ranch is coming off an eight-year record high for home and property sales, highlighted last year by $13.781 million in year-to-date sales through September 30.”

“We call Boot Ranch the ‘American Dream Texas Style,'” says Sean Gioffre of Boot Ranch Realty. “The motivation for buyers seems to be for recreational property – somewhere where owners can golf, fish, dine, swim, relax and generally enjoy the Texas outdoors. Many people say they just want to get their kids and grandkids out of the city, even if for only a few days or weeks at a time.”