We had a little friendly competition at the putting park where couples played against each other in an alternate shot tournament. It was a lot of fun and special evening getting together with close friends and neighbors–even with six feet of separation.

From our Members

  • We’re at our Boot Ranch home once or twice a month. Each trip I make a point of doing something I haven’t done before—meeting someone new, trying an activity, exploring some new place in town.

  • No matter how great the facilities are, a club is all about the people. I’ve never been around a more engaging, fun-loving group.

  • Peace. Quiet. Calm. It’s a safe living environment with quality neighbors who are nice, kind and respectful.

  • Within a year of buying a Sunday House share, we knew we wanted to retire here so we bought a lot. We don’t have grandkids yet, but our home will have enough space for three sons and their families to be together.

  • The putting park is a fantastic addition to an incredible place. We need to come up with a new excuse for not sinking putts.

  • I love the personalized service. Having everyone address you by name is huge! Also, the locker room name tags for guests is a small item, but has a big impact on our friends.

  • It's an escape from the real world for us. You can breathe here. The people are great. We used to travel all over the world, but now we just come Boot Ranch and it’s more than enough.

  • All the activities and amenities are a magnet to my grandkids. That was summed up one evening when, during her bedtime prayer, my three year-old granddaughter was overheard saying, 'God, thank you for Boot Ranch.'

  • Our neighbors wanted to try out the “sea worthiness” of their new sailboat, so we christened it in our backyard pool before taking it to one of the Boot Ranch lakes.

  • Boot Ranch has always been an incredible getaway for our family. We love to escape from Houston and to come play and relax in the Hill Country at all times of the year. It’s now our “indefinite home” and we have never felt stronger about our investment.

  • Our secret may finally be out about Boot Ranch. It's our home away from home. The excitement builds every time we plan a trip, and the moment we arrive, it surpasses every expectation.

  • While fishing at Longhorn Lake, one of our sons snagged what I call a 'longhorn lunker.' We estimated that this fish weighed close to 10 pounds!

  • Every day is a good day at the Boot—this has become our mantra. My husband loves the clear dark skies, and I love the sunrises and sunsets

  • What a truly amazing and thoughtful staff. We are constantly blown away with the service and attention to detail in every aspect of this Club. They are always so willing to do whatever we ask, and with such a caring attitude.

  • I try not to smile too much when my husband leaves for golf, rain or shine. It’s true that absence can make the heart grow fonder these days. We are blessed to be here at Boot Ranch and feel so much gratitude.

  • We are grateful for the friendly greeting from our wonderful guardhouse team. Then, more friendly service when we pop into the Metzger Market. We appreciate all of the staff continuing to do their very best to make this a little slice of heaven.

  • Hit 'Em and Hold 'Em (golf and poker tournament) is our favorite family event, and we value the very active lifestyle at Boot Ranch. The service is 5+ star everything, yet not one bit of pretentiousness from any other member I have met. 

  • Daily life usually includes flora, fauna and the skies. We feed a multitude of hummingbirds and larger birds. Often there are other wild animals striking a pose.

The buzz at Boot Ranch

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