Our beautiful longhorn Tascosa is the proud new mama of a healthy male calf. He appeared on May 10th and was walking the pasture under her watchful eye the next day. Boot Ranch members and staff are submitting names for consideration, but for now, he’s just “the baby.”

Tascosa herself is a new addition to Boot Ranch, having arrived in the pasture in March from a breeder outside of Muenster, Texas. In asking the breeder about the name “Tascosa,” he explained that he generally names his cattle after some part of Texas history, sometimes including Texas’ Spanish roots, since the Spaniards brought the first cattle to North America.

Tascosa was the first town in the Texas panhandle and a stop on one of the cattle trails to Dodge City. Since there are all kinds of things around Amarillo named Tascosa, the breeder had heard the name a lot growing up and liked it. The town Tascosa apparently got its name from the Spanish word “Atascosa” which means ‘boggy creek, likely because the town was located on the banks of a creek near the Canadian River.