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Making the Cut—John Deere and Boot Ranch

Maintaining one of the top ten golf courses in Texas is no easy task, and it’s one that golf course superintendent Deven Baughn and his staff takes very seriously. We recently caught up with Baughn to learn a little about how it’s done.

He credits management’s commitment to course excellence, a staff of committed professionals, and a partnership with John Deere for the best equipment and unmatched service. John Deere recently released a video that features this partnership with Boot Ranch, which you can watch, below.

The workday begins before sunrise each morning when the agronomy staff meets and assigns each staff member a specific duty to prepare the course for play. Once the crew is at work, Baughn and his assistant superintendents Ben Lauber and Dale Hough start their daily inspection of the course. “We are looking for any irregularities in the turf that could be signs of stress coming from disease, insects, nutritional, or irrigation malfunctions.

This daily process ensures that Boot Ranch members and their guests experience a consistent and challenging course day in and day out. “We maintain our golf course to meet tournament conditions on a daily basis,” says Baughn. “Every day is different, and presents its own set of challenges, from dealing with climate or soil issues, to visiting with members to keep them informed of the changes happening around the golf course.”

Boot Ranch is an Audubon Certified Cooperative Sanctuary, meaning we maintain a specific criteria that ensures the conservation of wildlife and their habitats, as well as water conservation practices and reduced chemical use throughout the golf course.

The course at Boot Ranch can go long periods of time without rainfall during the Texas summer and this means special precautions must be taken such as using wetting agents, making soil amendments, and performing aerification. However, when much of the country endures golf-free winters, members of Boot Ranch enjoy ideal playing conditions nearly year round.

The course at Boot Ranch spans over 300 acres of beautifully preserved Hill Country terrain and features 27 meticulously groomed putting greens, with 34 acres serving as a practice park, complete with a three-sided driving range, short range, and a par 3 short course.

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