Boot Ranch was included in The Wall Street Journal’s recent expose that focuses on the newest wave of settlers to the Texas Hill Country who are purchasing ranches as luxury weekend homes in order to take advantage of the beautiful landscape and seemingly endless views.

Unlike the settlers of old, this new wave has traded in their livestock and shovels for secluded modern homes that are still within driving distance to the attractions and cultural offerings of major cities like Dallas and San Antonio.

The WSJ included Boot Ranch in their expose, praising them for their low-maintenance approach to life in the Hill Country, providing “new wave” settlers like the Waldrips’ with a simple approach to home selection, design, and construction.

The Waldrips’ decided to move into an Overlook Cabin at Boot Ranch last May and chose to modify a design that was suggested by the developer for their 3,800-square-foot home. The family also decided to build two guest cabins on their property for family, friends and business associates to stay in while visiting. The Waldrips’ plan to take full advantage of Boot Ranch’s multi-generational membership and pass down their property to their three adult children.

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